Metal Scrappers Services Oceanside, CA

SD Junk Bros is proud to offer auto parts recycling to San Diego Mechanics and shops.

It’s that easy! Make money for just dropping unwated parts in the bin. Metal should not be thrown in your garbage can! Metal is highly reusable! Recycling your metal is a huge way to contribute to a greener Earth and a more sustainable planet! If you have old metal that you need to dispose of, call the pros at SD junk Bros! We’ll come to your location, junk away all of your metal and recycle everything we can! 760-978-4378.


Wow, what can I say about SD junk Bros that hasn’t already been said in the previous 5-star reviews. These guys are absolutely phenomenal at what they do.

Jackie R.

I knew the labor intensity and work load and Mark and James killed it. Extremely impressive and clearly the best option for this line of work.

Shaun S.

Our hot tub went from being a relaxing oasis to an eyesore over the years. I called around to the local removal places – a few never bothered to call back. I emailed SD Junk Bros, and promptly received a reply.. and fact that they emphasized recycling made me go with them.

Denise G.

I texted SD Junk Bros to remove trash from a remodel.  SD junk Bros came out the same day and removed all the trashed as agreed and cleaned the area.  The two guys that came out were very friendly and professional. 

Sara B.

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